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What is the full meaning of LLU?2022-12-09T08:56:10+01:00

LLU means lighthouse Leadership University

Will a degree from LLU prepare me for job opportunities?2022-12-09T08:58:00+01:00

Yes, a LLU degree opens doors for employability in schools, churches, ngo/profit organizations, companies, ministries, military services and fellowships.

Are LLU courses accredited?2022-12-09T09:00:48+01:00

Yes, courses are accredited and taught by qualified instructors. LLU is accredited by Saint Martin’s Research Centre and Accreditation commission, Australia and other notable accreditation bodies in Nigeria and out Nigerian.

Is LLU affiliated with any School at all?2022-12-09T09:04:39+01:00

Yes, Lighthouse Leadership University is affiliated with TECHM Christ Global Bible Schools, Iowa, USA and with more than twenty (20) other Notable institutions within and outside Nigeria.

When can I apply for llu’s Programmes2022-12-09T09:08:01+01:00

LLU accepts applications anytime. We would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

How much does it cost?2022-12-09T09:09:45+01:00

LLU does not charge tuition fee. It’s tuitions free. However, students will be required to pay for documents and certification fee to start class.

Are the credits and the degree accepted at other colleges and universities?2022-12-09T09:10:48+01:00

Yes, especially in our over twenty affiliate partners.But be sure to confirm with them prior to beginning your studies at LLU.

Is LLU recognized by NUC?2022-12-09T09:12:14+01:00

LIGHTHOUSE LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY  has not sought recognition with The National Universities Commission of Nigeria NUC because it does not fall into the category of education to be regulated by NUC. Our education provides knowledge, skills and expertise for Christian scholars and church workers for the growth of the work of God. Our researches are based on the opt of improving quality theological education and Christian professional efficiency.

Can I get transfer of credit for my past studies?2022-12-09T09:19:06+01:00

Yes, students who have completed courses from a recognised school or institution can apply to LLU for transfer of credit. Find out more about it to through lluversity@gmail.com.

Where is it situated?2022-12-09T09:24:16+01:00

LLU is physically situated at Obajana Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria, but our students can take their courses online from any part of the world via our Distant Learning Program.

Any opportunity to run LLU dual degrees?2022-12-09T09:25:31+01:00

Yes. You can run a dual degrees with Lighthouse Leadership University and complete the two degrees at the same time. It’s all done at your own pace.

Will I need my college transcripts after graduation?2022-12-09T09:27:09+01:00

You’ll probably need a copy of your college transcript if you’re applying to graduate schools or transferring to a different college. To obtain a copy of your transcript, you will likely go through the college office, either by person, telephone or via the email.

How can I verify certification validity?2022-12-09T09:28:52+01:00

If you would like to verify your or someone else’s certificate issued by the Lighthouse Leadership University, you may send a manual verification request to lluversity@gmail.com (Please provide the full name of the individual and the programme he/she has completed from Lighthouse Leadership University). We will respond to you within 3 working days.

Why is Lighthouse Leadership University a good choice for me?2022-12-09T09:30:35+01:00

Lighthouse Leadership University offers a large number of undergraduate/graduate programmes designed to enhance your professional talent and strengthen your spiritual life. One of the benefits is that you study anytime, anywhere. Besides, degree programmes are accelerated, too, helping to fast-track you to the finish. LLU degree opens doors for employability in schools, churches, ngo/profit organizations, companies, ministries, military services and fellowships.

Is there any other things to benefit from Lighthouse Leadership University?2022-12-09T09:45:35+01:00

Yes. After your graduation, LLU, will automatically affiliate you and your ministry freely with our international affiliate partner. LLU will present you with an International Ministerial License and International Ministerial identity Card to afford you ministering in any part of the world.

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